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Becoming engaged is such an exciting event in the life of a couple and, rightly so, couples put a lot of time and energy into finding the perfect venue, selecting the right music, and ensuring that every detail will be perfect. When planning a Catholic wedding, another significant detail to make sure you don’t overlook […]

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Beauty and Tradition in the Catholic Wedding Ceremony   Catholic wedding ceremonies are rich in sacred traditions and beautiful customs that have been passed down through the centuries. Here are five of the most important ones you can expect to see at the next Catholic wedding you attend. The Celebration of the Mass A Catholic wedding […]

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Raindrops of Grace: When it rains on your wedding day, all will still be well! When I had my consultation with Jennifer and Devon, I knew they were a great couple right away!  They received my name from Our Lady of Mt.Carmel church, where they were getting married, and neither one realized at first that […]

I love capturing life with my camera! 

I'm Rachael

I know and love our faith, I know and love my job and I love helping you have a stress-free wedding day that celebrates you and your beloved as you enter into the Sacrament of the Marriage.

I loved planning our wedding, so as a former bride, I like to say “I have been in your shoes.” We wanted a special day to celebrate that we can love because the Father loved us first. We wanted our wedding day to be a witness of God’s love, and it was. 

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