A big heart

November 30, 2023

I have known Anna for the past 14 years, so I have seen her grow up. Anna loves babies! Over the years as she watched my kids grow up, she was always excited and eager to hold my babies. She delighted in seeing what new things they were learning and getting them to smile. There was pure joy in their innocence and you could see the joy on her face when she was around little ones. When I heard the news that she was engaged I was so excited for her. When I met up with her and Nick to do their engagement session, I got to know Nick and had fun reminding him to smile with his teeth to show me his genuine smile. Instantly he would don his big grin and his eyes would light up and then so would Anna’s as she laughed because I got him to show his teeth.

They had a beautiful fall wedding, complete with beautiful leaves still on the trees. What was even more beautiful was hearing a common theme through out the toasts that evening about the blushing bride. She cared about people, especially those in need. She would go out of her way to help someone, even if it was a stranger. She has a big heart. I know that big heart will carry her in her marriage to Nick and the family that they will grow together.

Love wins

Marriage takes more than a beautiful wedding day and a perfectly kept home. It takes communication, trust, responsibility and love. Love is more than just a feeling. It is a sacrifice of one’s self for the other. Love puts the other first. Love is patient and kind, even when you don’t want to be. Love is working together and not doing it all on your own, and not expecting that they other person is going to do it.

In a world today where divorce seems like an easy out when life gets too tough, it is counter cultural to say that divorce is not an option. Marriage is a choice to love forever from day one, even when there are hard days. St. Pope John Paul II said, “The person who does not decide to love forever will find it very difficult to really love even for one day.” Love is a choice and when you choose it, while there may be hard days, and hard times, love always wins.

You know that loving others is important to Anna because she wanted pictures with so many of her guests. These are the people she loves and have loved her through her life to get her where she is today. I have no doubt that she will bring that love to Nick everyday.

Wedding Team

Ceremony: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Carmel, IN

Reception: The Mill Top, Noblesville, IN

Flowers: Obers

Videographer: Mike Panasuk

Photographer: Simple Heart Photography

DJ: VIP Dave

Hair Artist: Twisted Sisters

Bride’s Dress: Gretchen’s Bridal

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